10 Most Ridiculous Things I Did To Not Stutter


#10  Change my words


#9 Pretend not to care


#8 Avoid important phone calls


#7 Point at weird things


#6 Lie about stuff


#5 Change my name all the time


#4 Not answer questions


#3 Not ask questions


#2 Fake an accent


#1 Smoke cigarettes


3 thoughts on “10 Most Ridiculous Things I Did To Not Stutter

  1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth, for sharing these wonderful insights, and helping me/us give expression to our experiences. This also helps me explain to others the phenomenon and the pain of Covert Stuttering.

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  2. People used to think I was so thoughtful and contemplative because I rarely spoke and when I did, it was such a concise sentence or just a witty remark; anything to keep the other person talking. For the longest time, I thought this was how to “beat” stammering. Nowadays, people know I am mostly a smart ass with a head FULL of useless trivia and I make them wait for the most mundane conversational utterances. lol This is a great series, Elizabeth!! Can’t wait to see what comes up next!


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